Past Engagements

Below is a sampling of some of the previous engagements we have helped our clients solve…


“Big Data” development work was designed and managed at a national, high-end clothing and merchandise retailer utilizing a new, client-hosted Hadoop cluster of 24 nodes.  The platform was responsible for ingesting data from various systems of event records, including web/click-stream activity, cross-channel sales transaction data, customer/CRM data, and other customer event-driven data.  All of these various data sources included personally identifiable information (PII) attributes, such as email address, web profile ID from the eCommerce platform, web cookie, phone number, hashed payment account number, etc. but each system only contained a subset of these PII attributes available.  A process was then implemented to match these events into large clusters, and then each of these large clusters in-turn would have an algorithm applied for spectral clustering  to cut the clusters into smaller subsets that represent a statistically-based customer for further analytic analysis.  Each associated customer attribute, along with its confidence level, was then fed to an in-memory datastore, with a wrapper to serve as an API for external consumption.  This API, first used by the web store front, was then able to provide a more customized experience, tailored to the customer, no matter where the customer had previously shopped or which device they had used.  This helped this client provide better customer insight, cross-channel and cross-device, using their previous event-driven activity.



We were initially engaged to provide administrative system consultation and support services at a medium-sized interactive advertising agency, but what this transformed into was something much more.  Our team was able to design and deliver an updated infrastructure based on Microsoft technologies and VMware virtualization running on high performance servers.  The implementation included the creation of a virtualized environment to run all core systems, including Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange Server, and file server and sharing technologies.  We didn’t stop there though!  We also implemented a centralized code repository and SQL Server platform for the client’s on-site development team and consolidated development environments on virtualized servers.  Once this was all completed the last piece of work involved the beginning to end implementation of an agency-wide ERP system based on Advantage.  Advantage runs all Accounting functions, Project Management, employee timesheet, and departmental resource planning.



Bobbitt & Associates, LLC helped an international restaurant chain consolidate various islands of data into a single Vertica- based data warehouse. Simplified and enhanced the ETL and reporting aspects of the solution by eliminating unnecessary jobs and reports and greatly improving performance. As part of the engagement, we were able to automate the email campaign management process resulting in a savings of more than $800,000 per year.



Our team was engaged by a SMB wealth management company which was evaluating technologies to utilize with a possible re-platform effort they were considering for their core B2B custom platform.  This included defining the build, execution, and operational dimensions of the solution architecture, complete with desired toolsets and development frameworks.  The solution incorporates a custom web application, with multi-tenancy, with integrations to both a packaged accounting/portfolio system and client billing system.